Evil Angel


As soon as you login to Evil Angel for the very first time you will immediately notice the massive array of content you now have access to as a member. Nearly 9K different video scenes spread out over 1.5K+ movies to be exact with over 3K+ pornstars. The main member’s page consists of an easy to use header navigation at the top of the page followed by the latest updates as you scroll down. At the bottom of the main page you can also see a preview of every scheduled update that is set to be released over the coming few weeks.

Each video update is well categorized with a name and DVD scene #. It also has a release date, video length, list of stars, list of directors, list of categories, and a add to favorites button. You can easily find more videos related to any performer or director or category simply by clicking on a link. Each video has a wide array of video download and streaming resolutions ranging from low quality all the way up to 1080p. There are also links for various mobile streaming options included as well. As a side note, older videos are not available in HD as they were never originally shot in that quality. When you click play on the video you can easily fast forward and rewind and there is a nice overlay of what the current frame of that video looks like. This makes it really easy to jump forward to the good parts. The only downfall I see is that new releases are only available for online streaming for the first several days after it is released. After that point you can download it to keep forever.

As far as content navigation goes there are several pretty easy to use options. Under the Scenes tab you can easily select 1 out of about 50 different categories to find lots of different videos that all fall within a particular niche. If you have a particular fetish this makes it really easy to find more videos that you will love. There are also options to select a particular movie or particular series or even a particular pornstar. It then pulls up all videos for that particular selection. The only thing that I wish the site had is an easy to use search button. Selecting a particular item from a drop down list can be a little irritating. However you could always select the drop down list you want and then type the first letter of what you are searching for to automatically jump to that part of the drop down. The Directors andPornstars sections of the site also work in the same way that the Scenes tab does. This makes the site pretty consistent throughout.

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